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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Chevy Volt Adventure: Fun to Drive

We've been driving the Volt around town now for a few weeks and the biggest surprise to me is how much fun it is to drive. The instant acceleration, freaky smoothness, and weight-enhanced handling make it a lot of fun to drive. You can zip around, corner hard, and do it all without fuss or noise. And we haven't even tried sport mode yet.

As for the car itself, it seems to be holding up well--I haven't noticed anything particularly tinny or annoying, with the possible exception of the charge port cover, which seems a little weak but then it's just a little cover, but the latch is a little less aggressive than I'd like--a couple of times I've thought I pushed it closed but it hadn't caught.

We are clearly not driving in the most efficient manner because our full-charge electric range is currently estimated at about 30 miles, which our Volt Assistant at GM assures us reflects our profligate driving style and not an issue with reduced battery capacity.

As a family car it's working fine. With our around-town driving we've only had to use a fraction of a gallon of gas when we've forgotten to plug in after a trip. So our lifetime gas usage total is about 8.6 gallons, of which 8.5 were used on the round trip to Houston.



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