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Sunday, August 20, 2006

XIRUSS-T Update: New Release On SourceForge

I have finally gotten the client/server code sufficiently complete and functional to make it worth formally releasing: Xiruss-t-build_20060820

This code provides two jars, xiruss-t-client.jar and xiruss-t-server.jar, as well as all the source code (including unit tests). I've also included a very simple but very handy Python script (python/ for use with Jython that makes it easy to import a file into the running repository. See the release nodes for the release on SourceForge for details.

I still need to create a little GUI for doing importing of files and directories and for navigating the repository, as well as restoring the currently broken Web-based end-user interface.

But what's released should be sufficient for anyone who is interested in looking under the hood to easily play around with a working system. And by "working" I mean "all the unit tests pass but beyond that I make no guarantees and a number of client-side methods are not yet implemented".

So I'm going to put this code down for a while (or at least not work on it quite so obsessively--my wife has been starting to give me rather dirty looks the last few days) and return to the main discussion of XML content management.

And here's a little side question: does anyone know of a quick way to translate a bunch of POJO code into the equivalent Python? I have a Web site for but my cut-rate hosting service only supports Python and Perl [And I'd eat a gun before I'd ever write another line of Perl]. I'd like to set up a demonstration server that people can use to put their own stuff into but I'd need a Python implementation of the server. My quick research suggests there's no such animal. I know I could do most of it with either reflection or just search and replace but I thought maybe somebody out there would have some ideas.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have a little Jython script I use to generate simple wrapper classes and stub implementations of interfaces instead of having to type all the stuff myself. It produces Java code, but it's not very hard to make it generate Python instead.

I'd put it in this comment if Blogger would let me, but as it is it seems you have to email me if you want it. It's just 70 lines, but it could save you a bit of time if you don't find anything better.

7:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not sure why Blogger thinks I'm anonymous when I give username/password. Anyway, I'm Lars Marius Garshol

7:11 AM  
Blogger jwoods said...

Hey! I thought I was being perfectly nice about t he whole thing!

9:52 AM  

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