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Thursday, August 10, 2006

XIRUSS-T Update: Can Write To Storage Object Via HTTP API

I've been working feverishly on getting the XIRUSS HTTP API implemented. It's been more work than I anticipated, mostly because doing the API has revealed a number of weaknesses in my original code (not surprisingly since it was hacked at top speed). Extracting interfaces took more time than I thought (Eclipse didn't do everything it should have--not sure if it is a limitation or user error). I also reorganized the code packages to make the distinction between client and server code components clearer and to make a cleaner distinction between core implementations and repository-specific code. Finally, I had to seriously rework my storage manager implementation. But now I have all that in place and I just got the test case that demonstrates that I can create a StorageObject version and put data into it and get it back out via the HTTP API. This is a major milestone. Now all I have to do is refactor the existing Importer code to use the new API and code patterns and implement any remaining client-side proxy methods that the importers require and it should all just work. Once I get that done I can get back to the discussion of versioned hyperdocument lifecycle management.



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