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And before you get too exercised, please read the post, date 9 Feb 2006, titled "All Tools Suck".

Sunday, July 30, 2006


I have updated the XIRUSS-T source code so that the latest code in the Subversion repository on SourceForge works correctly (the URL processing had been broken). The code that's there includes the beginnings of support for HTTP PUT and POST methods by which you can modify and add to the repository remotely. Using the code that's there, you can, for example, use an interactive Jython session and the XirussHttpClientHelper class to add things to the repository. Not that that's any sort of real client user interface but it does demonstrate that XIRUSS-T is moving from being write-once read-many to fully read/write.

I've also started implementing a simple REST API that will make it easier to implement clients. I've got the code framework in place (I've implemented returning a list of all the branches in the repository) and implementing the rest of the operations shouldn't take too long--it's mostly typing and working out what the best URL syntax should be.

I also plan to implement some sort of minimal graphic client UI that will let you import things, set version properties, create dependencies, commit snapshots, create branches, and so on. Unfortunately, I'm not much of a UI programmer so I don't know how much I'll really be able to do quickly.



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