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Sunday, February 26, 2006

For Techies Who Are Also Parents (Or Thinking of Being)

While I promised that this blog would be purely technical I'm going to beg your indulgence while I take advantage of the small amount of search engine exposure I have gained to try to gain some for my wife's blog on motherhood, which I think needs an audience.

Now mind you, I wouldn't be doing this if I didn't think her blog was in fact something that the audience for this blog would enjoy. Let me be clear: while she's writing about motherhood it is not in any way a sunshine and flowers "oh children are so precious and being a mother has finally fulfilled me as a woman blah blah blah" kind of stuff. It is in fact not far in spirit and tone from this blog, namely, a sometimes brutally honest, but realistic, personal, and heart-felt take on motherhood.

I think my wife is pretty good writer and I think that if you have any interest in parenting that you might find Julie's writings entertaining. She describes her blog as a personal journal with an audience so she doesn't "write on and on and on, getting ever more depressed and pissed off, awash in the sort of self-pity that your average maudlin 16-year-old would find embarassing."

The blog is "Pissed Off Mom" ("Angry Mom" was taken). Note that the "pissed off" is in reference primarily to society's expectations about motherhood, not her personal state of mind vis a vis her (our) child, who is in fact so full of joy you rarely have cause to be angry at her, even when she's in full two-year-old mode. [If you want the sunshine and flowers stuff, you can go to here.] And please don't misunderstand: Julie is a wonderful mother--it's just that she's been around long enough to understand that no endevour in life is 100% joy all the time, including being a parent, and she needs to write about it.

Now back to our regularly-scheduled technical ranting....


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