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And before you get too exercised, please read the post, date 9 Feb 2006, titled "All Tools Suck".

Saturday, July 22, 2006

XCMTDMW: Subversion Cooler Than Realized

Stan D pointed out that Subversion includes the ability to put arbitrary name/value pairs on files and directories and that these values are themselves versioned. Very cool. I hadn't really realized this. This makes Subversion an even more attractive base for a low-cost-of-entry content management system. I'll need to explore its general integration support characteristics, such as language bindings, built-in support for HTTP-based access, and so on, but in the short time I've had to look at it (I just now downloaded and installed it) it looks very promising. The documentation that I've looked at is very clear (such as their CVS-to-Subversion crossover guide) which is usually an indicator of a generally solid system (did I mention that I'm a tech writer by training)?



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