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And before you get too exercised, please read the post, date 9 Feb 2006, titled "All Tools Suck".

Sunday, February 12, 2006

My First Blogroll

My thanks to Bill Trippe, whose mention of this blog is the first I found when I googled "eliot kimber blog" this morning. Bill's blog looks pretty interesting. I don't think I've ever met Bill, but I meet a lot of people and I am truly horrible with names so if we have in fact met and I've just forgotten it, I appologize. I haven't added Bill's blog to the list of other blogs here because I haven't seen enough of Bill's opinions to know if I respect them yet. However, he is a T.S. Eliot fan and a writer and by the tone of the posts I did read a thoughful and intelligent dude, so I suspect that I will in fact find his opinions quite respectible. I've subscribed to his blog. And of course I have linked to it here so there is at least one more critical back link.

Bill also has AdSense-style adds on his blog and I noticed that, presumably as a side effect of a long entry he wrote about his experiences with T-Mobile, that several ads for mobile phone service showed up, although none for T-Mobile, which would have pleased me more. As it happens I've been a T-Mobile customer for quite a while (or rather, my employer has been and they pay for my phone) but I've been perfectly happy with the service, although they put somebody else's outgoing message on my account a couple of weeks ago. I love computers.

And here's a technical angle to this: how hard can it be to correlate a recorded message with a phone's account in the T-Mobile master system? This is such a basic aspect of data management that I marvel that this error occurred at all. Which just further reinforces my assertion that "all tools suck". I mean really.


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